How We Ensure That Online Payments On Zuby Are Secure

payments on zuby are secure

When it comes to collecting rent online with a property management app, the benefits are obvious. You can forget about tracking paper checks in the mail, stop taking unnecessary trips to the bank, and stay organized.

Zuby was created to bring modern technology-based tools to landlords, property managers, and renters in order to make their lives easier. We bring a fresh attitude to an outdated industry, and generally try not to take ourselves too seriously, except for when it comes to security.

So if you want to collect rent online with an app, you’re in the right place.

Rent payment represents most people’s largest monthly transaction, and landlords and renters both share a significant amount of personal information over the course of their rental relationship. We believe that using technology should make the safeguarding of this information better, not worse, and we make sure that our users are fully covered along the way.

Our Payment Processing Partners Get It

We’ve spent a lot of time evaluating various payment partners, and carefully selected only those that adhere to the most stringent security practices. Our evaluation process is ongoing and involves regular dialogue and continued monitoring of our partners, to ensure their ongoing commitment to our payments being secure.

Dwolla powers our bank to bank transfers, and has security in it’s DNA. Dwolla uses sophisticated methods to protect and store data, and is an expert in cryptography, endpoint security and border protection. It conducts extensive third-party testing and uses tokenization and SSAE 18 SOC2 Type 2 protocols.

We authenticate bank accounts using Plaid, where security is always top of mind. Plaid is a Visa owned company that serves businesses of all sizes including some very large ones such as American Express and Fannie Mae, seamlessly and securely connecting users to financial institutions.

By using Plaid’s sleek interface, our users can link bank accounts to Zuby using their online banking login, thereby eliminating the need to share sensitive banking information with renters.

Zuby Goes the Extra Mile

We don’t just rely on excellent payment partners. We do our part to make sure our technology is as secure as possible by using the latest security best practices.

In addition to the stringent security features embedded in the technology frameworks we employ, every piece of information stored on Zuby is done so using cutting-edge encryption standards such as AES256-GCM algorithms.

We do not store any of your banking account information, and have designed our architecture in such a way that payments are subject to multiple layers of security, and that our programming and code can be quickly and regularly updated.

We Never Hold Your Money

Zuby never takes custody of your money, we simply transfer it from renters to landlords, so it is never at risk of being held in our account. Our partners are licensed money transmitters who transfer the money via the ACH network, and Zuby does not have access to your money whatsoever. So rest easy knowing your payments are secure.

If you ever have specific questions regarding payments and security on Zuby, please email

The Zuby Team