Everything You Need to Know About Raising Rent

This won’t be the first or last time you’ll read this next line from us, but it’s an important one for landlords to never lose sight of – a rental property is first and foremost a business. And just like any other business, your main objective should be to responsibly maximize profits. There are several […]

How to Price Your Rental Right

Whether you are a first time landlord, expanding your rental business into new geographies, or have had a long-time tenant move out, you might need help figuring out how to accurately price your rental. Doing this correctly right off the bat is crucial – price the property too low, and risk leaving money on the […]

How We Ensure That Online Payments On Zuby Are Secure

When it comes to collecting or paying rent online, the benefits are obvious. You can forget about tracking paper checks in the mail, stop taking unnecessary trips to the bank, and stay organized. Zuby was created to bring modern technology-based tools to landlords, property managers, and renters in order to make their lives easier. We bring a […]

Paying Rent with an ACH Transfer Online

The first of the month is creeping up again, and you find yourself faced with the daunting monthly task of figuring out, once again, how to pay your landlord for rent. If you are like most other Americans, chances are you are still paying rent the old fashioned way, using cash or having to mail or […]