The 9 Best Apps for DIY and Private Landlords

Landlord apps

Here at Zuby, we love well-designed apps and believe that the best apps can truly make your life better in many ways. That is the reason we created our own app for DIY landlords to help them save time and money managing their properties. In this post, we cover what we believe are the best apps for landlords.

Since we are in the app game ourselves, we keep tabs on the best apps out there, especially the ones that cater to our landlords. As always, if we know of something that we believe our landlords can benefit from, we share it.

So here is our list of the top 9 apps for DIY or private landlords:

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We might be slightly biased on our first pick, but we believe it’s for good reason. Zuby is a simplistic, yet powerful property management app that is designed specifically for DIY landlords. Landlords use the Zuby app to collect for free in a few taps, track payments, screen tenants, order local professionals, create leases, purchase insurance, and use our technology to organize their rentals once and for all.

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Zuby has a document storing feature that allows you to store all of the documents relating to a property directly on the app, and even share the ones you choose with your tenants. However, Dropbox is an excellent app for DIY and private landlords that have a very large number of documents and require more powerful organizational tools such as folders and subfolders. Dropbox is a cloud-based storage provider, which means that you can store and access your files from any device that has access to Dropbox. This includes your smartphone, using the Dropbox mobile app.

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DocuSign is a great app for easily filling out and signing documents, something that every landlord has to do from time to time. DocuSign has a free and paid option, and its mobile app is best-in-class in terms of reliability and ease-of-use. Signatures and documents are uploaded, then encrypted for safe storage. When a document is shared on DocuSign, each party can fill out, sign, and initial where required, allowing for the electronic execution of business documents within minutes. Landlords can use Docusign to sign leases, adendums, closing documents, and more, and then upload their final documents to Zuby or Dropbox for storage.

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Quickbooks – Self Employed

This is a fantastic app for DIY landlords to help with the tax and accounting of a rental business. Landlords can use the Quickbooks app to organize rental income, find tax deductions, attach receipts to business expenses, create invoices and categorize business expenses while separating your personal finances. Quickbooks’ mobile app makes accounting easier than ever and the friendly pricing makes it one of the best apps for landlords.

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Google Calendar

While Zuby does its best to keep landlords organized, Google Calendar can help you take your organizational skills to the next level. Creating events with the Google Calendar app is a breeze, you can invite others to keep them informed and even include Hangouts so that you can talk or video chat with everyone on the invite with Google’s Meet app. Sync your schedule across platforms and devices, so you’re never without it. Toggle between day, week, and month view so you always know what’s next. Upcoming events are automatically imported from your email so that you don’t have to do a thing. Being organized is a crucial part of being a successful landlord, and the Google Calendar app can help you achieve exactly that.

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Sortly is a great app for DIY landlords to keep tabs on their rental inventory, including furniture and appliances across all of their rentals. If you have furnished apartments or want to keep track of which appliances or fixtures are where, Sortly keeps it all neatly organized. Best of all, it’s free to use for your first 100 items. Data is synced automatically across all devices through the cloud so it’s with you wherever you go.

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Room Planner

If you are in the furnished rentals market and want help decorating your properties, the Room Planner mobile app can help you do with less effort. Achieve better results in less time and for a fraction of the cost, who doesn’t love the sound of that? With the Room Planner mobile application, private landlords can design their units with furniture from world-famous brands. Use the app to change anything in the picture, from colors on the walls to layout of the furniture, and share your vision with your partners or constructors.

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The Homesnap app can be used by DIY landlords to assess the value of their existing or potential properties. This easy-to-use mobile app is powered by the same real-time data used by licensed realtors, so you can count on the information you see. Using the app, landlords can snap a photo of any property to reveal value estimates, interior photos, beds, baths, taxes, lot boundaries, school ratings and much more. Homesnap can be used to help with comp reports, finding new investments, or simply to keep tabs on properties listed around you.

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Citizen is an app that delivers real-time safety alerts and live video of incidents happening near you or your tenants. According to the company, Citizen notifications have been used in the past to urge people to evacuate burning buildings, deter school buses from nearby terrorist attacks, and have even led to a rescue of a 1-year-old from a stolen car. The Citizen app can help private landlords by notifying you of a crime in progress before the police have responded so that you could protect your investments and your tenants. Landlords that use Citizen know exactly what’s going on in their neighborhood.