Why You Should Use an App to Pay Rent

Man saying rent with an app

You love apps. We love apps. Everyone loves apps. So much so, that when Apple first unveiled the App Store to the world with only 500 mobile apps on July 10th, 2008, their popularity immediately skyrocketed with over 10 million downloads in the first weekend!

Now there are over 2 million applications available for download in the Apple App Store, with Google not far behind with over 1 million apps in its Play Store for devices running the Android mobile operating system.

So apps are pretty much the best thing since sliced-everything-bagels, but why do we love them so much? People all around the world have been using mobile applications daily for entertainment, education, shopping, and most importantly for making their lives easier.

Whether you use them to crush jawbreakers, hail an Uber, order dinner, groceries, pay your friend back for spinning class, or even to pay your rent online, you understand the value these magical pieces of software have. If you are like us, you probably can’t imagine life without them.

But to understand how apps are engineered to be loved, let’s take a closer look at what it is that separates them from ordinary desktop and mobile websites, and we’ll also share why we decided to create one ourselves.

The Glorious Benefits of Mobile Applications

There are many reasons why it makes sense for businesses to create apps, some of which you are likely familiar with. These include better user engagement, enhanced brand presence, greater conversion, and stronger customer loyalty resulting from a better user experience.

Because we are trying to uncover why consumers love apps, we will focus on the last point, the holy grail of all mobile applications – the user experience.

So how can apps create the perfect user experience? Let’s explore some of the main drivers:

Better Personalization

Mobile apps can offer a highly customized experience based on several data points such as your interests, geographical location, general preferences, past behavior, and more.

This allows app creators to serve you with the most relevant content at the right time, providing that splendid experience whereby you feel the brand understands you personally and connects with you.

Most mobile applications continuously learn from your behavior, increasing the chances of offering you exactly what you are looking for, and only when you want it.

As apps become more connected with third-party data sources such as Facebook, personalization can occur with very little effort on the user’s part, getting you up and running in no time.

Superior Design and Functionality

Yes, you can make apps look beautiful with great branding and appeasing color palettes and design them specifically for a targeted user demographic to make them resonate on a deep, primal level. But you can do almost as good a job with the look and feel of a mobile website, so what exactly do we mean by a better design?

The in-app user experience using functions such as tapping, swiping, dragging, pinching, and holding which have become intuitive for most people when interacting with their smartphones, makes mobile applications superior to mobile websites.

Since websites rely on the use of browsers, their functionality is limited to elementary browser features like the back button, refresh button, and address bar, resulting in a poorer user experience.

In App and Push Notifications

Say you order an Uber, and the driver arrives 5 minutes later and is now outside. Wouldn’t it be terrible if Uber relied on you to remember to open your app 5 minutes after you placed the order, or sent you an email letting you know to go outside, or, god forbid, made you talk to the driver on the phone?

Or, for example, if you are a renter, chances are there have been plenty of times when the 1st of the month crept up on you out of nowhere, forcing you to scramble to pay rent before it becomes late.

This is where app notifications come in extremely handy.

App notifications are the perfect solution to providing users with a gentle nudge, reminding them of things they would like to get reminded of, in an instantly accessible format.

Thanks to notifications, you know that the Uber driver is waiting outside without having to unlock your phone, and Zuby reminds you that rent is coming up well in advance so that you can schedule on-time payment for free.

Accessibility and Offline Use

Your apps are always right there on your smartphone’s home screen, and firing one up is as quick as it gets. Unlike mobile websites, you don’t have to open a browser, visit a website, and log in to get to where you want to go in an app.

Even better, mobile applications leverage your phone’s native capabilities such as mobile wallets and Face ID, resulting in a much more secure and seamless experience than any website can provide.

Another benefit of mobile applications over websites is the ability to work offline. While you do need internet connectivity to enjoy the full functionality of most apps, many of them will still allow you the ability to get some stuff done while you are offline.

As we all know, a website without internet connection is no website at all.

Using an App to Pay Rent

So we’ve established the fact that apps are awesome, and that they are instrumental in making our everyday lives easier.

If you are a renter and are like most Americans, chances are you are still paying rent the old fashioned way using cash or having to mail or deposit a paper check in your landlord’s bank account.

You’ve probably used mobile payment apps such as Venmo and Zelle, which are terrific for transferring small amounts of money or paying certain bills, but if you are using these apps to pay rent, you can read more here about why you probably shouldn’t do so.

Zuby was created by a team of renters and landlords whose mission is to provide a seamless renting experience. As we’ve covered at length, what better way to do so than to create a beautiful, simple to use, free mobile app?

Rent Payment Apps Do a Lot More

Rent payment apps like Zuby will help you with all of this and more, making the rental process so much easier.

Renters use Zuby to pay rent for free, split rent with roommates, order local professional services such as cleaners and handymen, seamlessly purchase affordable renters insurance and stay on top of things so that they never have to pay a late fee again.

Rent Payment App For Landlords

Our rent payment platform is not just for tenants who want to pay rent. We created Zuby to add meaningful value for both landlords and renters, and we are offering it for free.

Landlords and property managers can use Zuby for free online rent collection and much more!

So we encourage you to check out our app, and see if it deserves a small piece of real estate on your phone’s home screen in exchange for making your life better.